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Meet the team

What makes us different?

Avení Events, formerly known as Fanny Staaf Events, is your gateway to future event experiences. The name Avení originates from "Avenir," which means "the future" in French, making it a natural choice for us. With our rebranding, we aim to embrace a wider range of events, embodying our mission to shape the future of the industry in Scandinavia and beyond.

Every event begins with a story, and we’re here to help you tell it. With a team of specialists with an eye for the extraordinary, we guarantee a seamless process from the initial appointment through planning and execution. Our clientele is as diverse as our events—individuals, couples, and corporations, each seeking to craft something remarkable. We attentively listen to your desires and visions, applying fine artistry and cohesive teamwork to achieve flawless execution.

Fanny Staaf Pagerup

Founder, CEO & Creative Director

Driven by a strong passion for planning and organization, coupled with extensive experience gained from working with top-tier wedding and event planners in Australia and New York, Fanny established Fanny Staaf Events in 2016. Today, the company proudly stands as Avení Events, reflecting the future of weddings and events.

Fanny's upbringing in the flower industry, where she was surrounded by creative, hard-working people and delighted customers, created the foundation of her creativity and love for flowers and design. Dreaming of a career that could merge her passions, she found her calling in the wedding and events industry. Pursuing her aspirations, she enrolled in the UK Academy of Wedding & Event Planning, earning diplomas in both wedding planning and event design.

Fanny possesses a distinct talent for crafting exceptional floral and event designs, infusing each project with an added touch of elegance and luxury. With a portfolio boasting over 100 successfully executed weddings, Fanny seamlessly combines her organizational skills, keen eye for detail, explicit designs, and floristry expertise to curate the extraordinary.

Apart from her devotion to Avení Events, Fanny thrives on planning her next adventure around the world, adorning her home with enchanting bouquets, or trying out new restaurants in town.


Isabel Aldén

Head of Planning & Production

In the world of event planning, attention to detail rules supreme. From the initial client consultation to the arrangement of cutlery, Isabel's coordination skills and love for perfection are undeniable. What drives her most is the opportunity to craft extraordinary and memorable experiences as well as witnessing each project unfold through precise event management.

Drawing from her diverse experience in weddings and events across Australia and the UK, as well as working with world-leading luxury beauty brands for one of the globe's largest department stores, Isabel adapts to any client’s visions and requirements.

With her distinctive background in the events industry, Isabel consistently delivers top-tier service throughout the entire planning process. Leading each project with the same passion and care, she seamlessly ties together every detail to ensure flawless execution and delivery.

When she's not immersed in event planning, Isabel can be found indulging in her passion for interior design and fragrances, or exploring captivating destinations worldwide.

Nora Forsberg

Head of Design & Florals

The visual impact of an event is evident; it's what catches our eye on Pinterest and is what makes us dream big. Nora's creativity and dedication to the minutest details shine through in every facet of her designs.

Since joining the Avení team in 2019, Nora has planned and designed over 40 weddings and events for the company, gaining invaluable experience along the way. Nora's ability to tailor her designs to meet the specific needs and visions of each client or brand is one of her greatest strengths. She effortlessly infuses charm and delivers top-notch service throughout the entire design process, adding that extra touch at all times.

Starting from a blank canvas alongside clients and tailoring each event into a personal story, and witnessing its growth from planning to final product, is one of the aspects that Nora loves most about her job.

When Nora isn’t absorbed into every detail of her design projects, you'll find her renovating at home, exploring the world of pottery or continuing the hunt for the perfect brownie recipe.


Alexandra Wirth

Production Assistant & Florist

Overflowing with joy, Alexandra dances her way through life, quite literally. With a background in professional dancing and numerous qualifications in the field, she transitioned from dance to home styling before discovering her calling in the wedding and events industry.

Alexandra’s passion lie within floristry and design, however, she also has a particular talent for hands-on tasks and coordinating any assignment she’s given.

Having Alexandra style and coordinate your wedding or event is a gift in itself, and her warm personality will resonate with all your guests.

In her spare time, she embraces long walks and cuddles with her dog Bearnie, discovering new restaurants with friends, or browsing through flea markets for unique finds.

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